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When you take Commuteride, you are the vehicle for change. A change in your routine, a welcome change of pace from your stressful commute and a little more change in your pocket too. Share the ride and get back some valuable me time from your drive time. You can relax, talk with your ride mates, text (safely, thank you), catch up on some work, catch up on some reading, even catch up on some Z’s, if you like.

For over 35 years, the Ada County Highway District’s Commuteride Vanpool has been helping Treasure Valley commuters rethink the way they get to and from work. There are lots of vanpool routes throughout the Treasure Valley for you to choose.


You may be asking yourself, “Why vanpool?” The reasons are as varied as the millions of miles vanpoolers save on the road. Each month, we feature two of our vanpoolers and highlight their Commuteride story. Read why our vanpoolers of the month choose to use alternative transportation for their commute and think, what could you be saving?

  • Robb Collingwood-Murie Design Group van #210

    Robb has been on van #210 for almost 4 years and driving for 2 of those years.  He enjoys his fellow vanpools as they have become an informal support group/fun dysfunctional family.  Robb saves over 650 miles off his car and over $200 savings in his pocket a month while getting his fellow vanpoolers to work safe and on time even if he stops at Dutch Bros.    

  • Greg Randleman-BSU van #245

    Greg has been riding van #245 for almost two years. As a student at BSU, he's found that not only is he saving money he's able to cram in a bit of studying.  With traveling approximately 2400 miles a month on the van, its become a lot of valuable study time or time to just relax.  As a bonus, Greg doesn't have to hunt for a parking spot on campus. 

  • Riding Commuteride is a win-win-win. Not only can you save money and relieve some stress from your day, you can enter our Vanclub promotions and win some sweet Commuteride swag for your van!

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    The entry that is drawn will win a $25 restaurant gift card per vanpooler in their vanpool. Remember the more vanpoolers that enter from each vanpool the better chances of that van winning.

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